"Pain Away" - Low Back & Hip Intensive
   with Jason H. Chan, C.M.T.

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"Pain Away" a.k.a."BodyCare" -
Low Back & Hip Intensive

In this two hours, self-help, workshop learn to relieve and heal chronic pain and tension in low back and hips such as sciatica. These self-help techniques often result in instant relief and long term results. They include:

  • S.I. joint (sacral iliac) functionality assessment and restoration
  • Trigger Point/Acupressure for nerve entrapments
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Core strengthening exercises
  • Ergonomic & Anatomy essentials
  • Includes illustrated handout

Participate in this break through in self-help education. First you "assess and chart" your most chronic symptom (pain/ache), i.e., location, severity, offending movement, etc. Then you would apply one technique at a time and re-evaluating against the original symptom, etc. This yields the most effective techniques for your specific symptom.

Workshop fee:  $35 - $52 per person
(fees vary depending on location)

For dates & info. contact Jason at
(650) 968-8223
Email: jason@jasonchanproductions.com
Web page: www.jasonchanproductions.com

Registration, Fees & Directions
Pre-registration required (fees & dates are subject to change; call location to confirm)

City of Menlo Park Parks & Recreation (650) 330-2200
City of Palo Alto Parks & Recreation (408) 463-4900
DeAnza & Foothill Colleges Community Education
   (408) 864-8817
Palo Alto Family YMCA, Palo Alto (650) 856-9622
West Valley College, Saratoga (408) 741-2096

Ask Jason about hosting your own private workshop at your location of choice.