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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Tai Chi?

A.  Tai chi chuan translates to "grand ultimate fist". This ancient, Chinese art is an alchemy of indigenous, martial art traditions and Taoist concepts of the natural world. These concepts include the dynamic interaction between opposites (yin and yang) and the study of creatures as models of bio mechanic efficiency. The cultivation of the life force energies (chi) as a means towards good health is also highly emphasized.

Q. How is Tai Chi "Plus" different?

A.  Jason teaches specific exercises and self help skills towards the prevention and recovery of RSI injuries. Jason's massage, private practice specializes in muscle injuries. He has over a dozen years providing therapies for neck/shoulder pain, low back pain and sport injuries.

Q. What is taught in class?

A.  Chen and Yang styles are the mainstays of the class. Chen Tai chi is considered the original form of Tai chi where other styles such as Yang, Wu and Sun have originated. It includes the following elements:

Lao Jia Yi Lu (first form) is a series of martial arts applications linked together. It is designed to increase a practioners balance, strength, coordination, martial skill and mental focus. This is what you see in parks as groups of students practice the "form" together.

Simplified Yang 24 (short form) is an easy to learn, beginner's routine and most popular tai chi routine worldwide.

Silk Reeling is a system of exercises to limber up the entire body. It also helps to develop the proper bio mechanics towards projecting the "spiral energy" from our physical and energic center. Silk reeling is especially helpful towards RSI prevention and recovery.

Wuji Qigong is a meditation practice requiring the practioner to stand still while aligning acupressure points down their vertical center. It helps in cultivating the chi and circulating it throughout the body.

Q. Are there physical requirements to learn?

A.  Students just need to be able to stand upright.

Q. What is the background of Jason Chan?

A.  Jason has over a dozen years of combined experience teaching kung-fu (southern Shaolin), tai chi / qigong and wellness classes. Jason currently teaches tai chi at DeAnza College, SRI (Stanford Research Institute), Sunset Magazine and the County Sheriff's Department etc. In furthering his own tai chi education, Jason continues to study from local tai chi masters in the various styles.

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